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Dear colleagues,
Cuban Network of Neuroimmunology (CUBANNI) invites neuroimmunologists and neuroscientists around the world to participate in CUBANNI 2017. The meeting will be hold in Varadero,  Cuba on June 10th to 13th, 2017.
This first meeting of CUBANNI, from its constitution on April 2016, will be organized in parallel with Cuban Society of Neurosciences under the umbrella of ISNI, following the experience of the last editions of the International Workshops of Neuroinmunología taking place during the years 2008, 2011 and 2015. This meeting will get dressed of elegance to celebrate the 30th years of Cuban Neuroscience Society (SONECUB). We invite speakers, investigators and   postgraduated students interested in neuroimmunology field and neuroscience in general around the world  to exchange on different topics in this field. The program offers  attractive symposia  in parallel:  The Fourth International Workshop of Neuroimmunology, The VIII International Symposium on   Hereditary Ataxias and other neurodegenerations, the First Workshop on Epigenética, Biomarkers and Intervention in demyelinating diseases and The meeting on New Technologies of Internvención in Neuroimmunology and Neurociencias.The symposia  will approach  varied topics: Neuroinmunology, Neuroinmunomodulation and Psichoneuroimmunology,  microRNA, biomarkers, diagnose and   therapeutic target  in neuroinmunology, microglia and signaling pathways, treatment with stem cells, epigenetic, Neural biomarkers from peripheral blood cells, all in the context of  neurodegenerative diseases, neurodevelopmental disorders, autoimmune diseases of the CNS, and immunogenetics disorders, and systemic diseases involving neurological disorders. 
Hopping meeting you at Varadero  the next June 2017,
Prof. Maria Robinson Agramonte 
President of CUBANNI
President of Organizing Committee